Special Needs Summer Camps in Maryland

Summer camps are a fantastic way for children to learn, grow, and have fun while building lasting memories. Finding the right summer camp experience is essential for families with children with special needs. In Maryland, several specialized summer camps are designed to cater to children with various special needs. This article will explore the diverse options available, ensuring every child can have a memorable and enriching summer camp experience.

Camp Wego

Camp Wego specializes in providing extraordinary experiences for children with physical and developmental disabilities. Children can explore the world and engage in exciting adventures. More Details 

Summer Sensations- Montgomery County

Summer Sensations Camp in Montgomery County is a haven for children with special needs. This inclusive camp provides a nurturing environment where children can make friends, build self-esteem, and engage in exciting activities. 

Summer Sensations Camp- Howard County

Howard County hosts another branch of Summer Sensations Camp, offering the same exceptional experience. Children can enjoy various recreational and educational activities while receiving their needed support. More Details 

Camp Inclusion

Camp Inclusion is dedicated to ensuring that every child can have a fantastic summer camp experience regardless of their abilities. With a focus on inclusion, this camp provides a safe and supportive environment for children with special needs. More Details 

The League at Camp Greentop

Located in the stunning Catoctin Mountain Park, The League at Camp Greentop offers an enriching experience for children with disabilities. They can explore the great outdoors, form friendships, and create unforgettable memories here. More Details 

Easterseals Camp Fairlee

Easterseals Camp Fairlee is a premier camp that caters to children with various special needs. This camp offers diverse activities, from water sports to arts and crafts, ensuring every child’s interests are met. More Details 

POW Therapeutic Summer Camp

POW Therapeutic Summer Camp is designed to empower children with physical disabilities. Through innovative programs and adapted activities, children can build self-confidence and independence. More Details 

Camp Aristotle (Silver Spring, MD)

Camp Aristotle in Silver Spring, Maryland, is a specialized autism camp that provides a supportive and educational environment for children on the autism spectrum. More Details 

Camp Aristotle (Lutherville, MD)

Another branch of Camp Aristotle in Lutherville, Maryland, offers the same exceptional support and care for children with autism, ensuring a well-rounded summer camp experience. More Details 

Deaf Camps Inc

Deaf Camps Inc. focuses on providing a unique and immersive experience for deaf and hard-of-hearing children. This camp offers American Sign Language classes, outdoor adventures, and a supportive community. More Details 

Camp Accomplish

Camp Accomplish is designed to empower children with physical disabilities, offering adaptive sports, arts, and outdoor activities. This camp ensures that every child can achieve their goals. More Details 

Bridging Hands Camp

Bridging Hands Camp is a unique camp that supports children with physical disabilities. They can engage in outdoor adventures and form friendships in an inclusive environment. More Details 

Brendan Sailing Camps for Youth with Learning Differences

Brendan Sailing Camps cater to youth with learning differences. This camp focuses on building confidence through sailing, providing a unique and empowering experience. More Details 

Camp Attaway

Camp Attaway is a therapeutic camp that helps children with emotional and behavioural challenges. Through tailored programs and activities, children can develop essential life skills. More Details 

B Social Therapeutic Summer Program

The B Social Therapeutic Summer Program focuses on improving social skills in children with special needs. Through interactive and engaging activities, children can grow and make friends. More Details 


JumpStart offers a specialized program for children with developmental disabilities. It focuses on building essential life skills while providing an enjoyable camp experience. More Details 

Camp Pecometh

Camp Pecometh is an inclusive camp that caters to children with a wide range of special needs. With various activities and a supportive community, children can create lifelong memories. More Details 

In conclusion, Maryland offers many special needs summer camps that cater to diverse needs. Whether it’s an inclusive camp, a specialized autism camp, or a camp for children with physical disabilities, there are options to suit every child’s unique requirements. These camps play a vital role in nurturing growth, fostering friendships, and creating lasting memories for children with special needs.

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