Exploring Nearby Waterfalls in the Mid-Atlantic Region

The Mid-Atlantic region of the United States may not be famous for its towering waterfalls like those in the western states. Still, it holds its collection of picturesque falls worth exploring. This article takes you on a journey through some enchanting waterfalls in the mid-Atlantic Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Let’s dive into the natural beauty and wonder of these hidden gems.

Buttermilk Falls, New Jersey

New Jersey’s Tallest Waterfall

Buttermilk Falls stands tall as one of New Jersey’s most remarkable waterfalls. With a height of nearly 100 feet, it’s an impressive sight. Located in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, this waterfall is accessible via a dirt road, though it’s closed to vehicles in the winter. The trail, featuring a series of steps and observation platforms, offers a closer look at this majestic cascade. For the adventurous hikers, a trail continues eastward, connecting to the Appalachian Trail.

Dingmans Falls, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s Second Highest Waterfall

In the northern end of Pennsylvania, Dingmans Falls is the state’s second-highest waterfall, plunging 130 feet. A beautiful boardwalk leads you to the base of the falls, offering a mesmerizing view of the 80-foot cascading drop. The path is approximately 0.5 miles long and provides access to Dingmans Falls and Silverthread Falls. To take in the falls from a bird’s-eye view, climb a series of stairs near the top. For the most impressive sights, visit about 24 hours after a good rain when the falls flow fast and steady.

Bushkill Falls, Pennsylvania

The Niagara of Pennsylvania

Bushkill Falls is the crown jewel of Pennsylvania’s waterfalls. Boasting eight waterfalls and over 2 miles of scenic trails across 300 acres, it’s a privately owned attraction near the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The main fall drops about 100 feet, and the entire descent from the first falls to the bottom of the lower gorge is approximately 300 feet. Although there is an admission charge, the impressive waterfalls are well worth it.

Factory Falls, Pennsylvania

A Historical Gem

Factory Falls, situated on the George W. Childs Park Trail, is part of the area’s intriguing history. The Brooks Family once operated a woollen mill next to the falls from 1823 to 1832. The remains of the mill can still be seen. The trail, approximately 1.5 miles in length, closely follows Dingmans Creek. Factory Falls, the first of three falls along the path, showcases a distinctive feature: it drops twice and then makes a 90-degree turn with the creek.

Raymondskill Falls, Pennsylvania

The Tallest in Pennsylvania

Raymondskill Falls, located in Pike County, has three cascading waterfalls, making it the tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania. With a combined height of about 150 feet, these falls provide a captivating natural spectacle.

Fulmer Falls, Pennsylvania

A Unique Basin

Fulmer Falls is the second waterfall you’ll encounter on the George W. Childs Park Trail immediately following Factory Falls. At 56 feet in height, it’s the largest within George W. Childs Park. This waterfall is notable for its semi-circular basin of rock, which the water flows over before continuing downstream. Please note that the base of this waterfall is not accessible without jumping the fence, which is prohibited.

Van Campens Glen Falls, New Jersey

A Hidden Gem

Van Campens Glen Falls is the terminus of the Lower Van Campens Glen trail hike near Walpack, NJ. The upper pool of the falls cascades down a slanted rock face, creating a picturesque scene. However, caution is advised when exploring the areas surrounding the upper pool, as it has been the site of numerous accidents and deaths. The trail features a densely covered hemlock ravine with delicate plants and wildlife. Please note that the Lower Van Campens Glen trail is indefinitely closed as of Spring 2019 due to safety concerns.

Silverthread Falls, Pennsylvania

A Glimpse of Tranquility

Silverthread Falls, located just 0.5 miles from Dingmans Falls, offers a quieter and narrower spectacle. With an 80-foot drop, it’s a serene, less visited waterfall. The narrow channel, carved by prominent rock-joint faces, gives this waterfall a unique character.

Deer Leap Falls, Pennsylvania

A Majestic View

Deer Leap Falls, the third-to-last waterfall on the George W. Childs Park Trail, offers a majestic sight. A bridge extends over the falls, allowing visitors to view it from various angles, including from above. Although a broad, shallow pool forms at the base of the falls, swimming and wading are not permitted. The round trip back to the parking area is approximately 0.75 miles.

The mid-Atlantic region may not be the first place you think of when it comes to waterfalls, but these hidden gems are waiting to be discovered. Whether in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, these falls’ natural beauty and tranquillity will leave you enchanted. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore these lesser-known wonders of the East.

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