World Center for Birds of Prey


Nestled on a scenic hillside just south of Boise, Idaho, the World Center for Birds of Prey is a captivating and educational destination for nature enthusiasts, bird lovers, and conservation advocates. This unique facility, operated by The Peregrine Fund, is dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey and offers a remarkable opportunity to observe and learn about these magnificent creatures up close.

Conservation Excellence

The World Center for Birds of Prey is a global leader in raptor conservation. Established in 1984, it serves as a base for The Peregrine Fund, a renowned organization dedicated to the preservation of endangered birds of prey. The center conducts critical research, breeding programs, and rehabilitation efforts to support these incredible birds.

Raptor Rehabilitation

One of the most compelling aspects of the center is its raptor rehabilitation program. Injured or sick birds are brought here for care and treatment. Visitors can witness the rehabilitation process and learn about the challenges these birds face in the wild. It's a heartwarming experience to see birds being nursed back to health with the goal of releasing them into their natural habitats.

Breeding Programs

The center is actively involved in breeding programs for a variety of raptor species. Among the stars of these programs is the critically endangered California Condor. Watching these majestic birds and learning about their remarkable journey from near extinction to population recovery is both inspiring and educational.

Interactive Exhibits

The World Center for Birds of Prey features a range of interactive exhibits and displays that offer in-depth information about raptors. From the anatomy of birds to their unique hunting strategies, visitors gain a comprehensive understanding of these remarkable creatures. There are also opportunities to meet some of the resident education birds up close.

Hiking Trails

For those who love the outdoors, the center offers hiking trails that wind through the surrounding sagebrush steppe habitat. These trails provide an opportunity to spot wild raptors, such as hawks and eagles, soaring overhead. It's a fantastic way to connect with nature and observe these birds in their natural environment.

The Archives of Falconry

The center is home to The Archives of Falconry, a treasure trove of knowledge about the history of falconry and its cultural significance. This unique collection is dedicated to preserving the art and heritage of falconry, providing valuable insights into this age-old practice.

Education and Events

The World Center for Birds of Prey hosts a variety of educational programs and events, including raptor-focused talks and demonstrations. These experiences are designed to enlighten visitors about the importance of raptor conservation and inspire a love for these incredible birds.

The Velma Morrison Interpretive Center

The Velma Morrison Interpretive Center is the main visitor center at the World Center for Birds of Prey. It offers a wealth of information, interactive displays, and a gift shop where visitors can find unique raptor-themed souvenirs.


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